This project is in partnership with Axé Capoeira Toronto.

Original Concept & Creative Director // Maziar Ghaderi

Maziar is a Toronto-based multimedia designer, producer and director that works with visual media and interactive technology. His work is situated at the intersection of technology and creative direction of the experiential.

Technical Director // Stephen Surlin

Stephen is an artist and designer based in Toronto. His work incorporates custom electronics and rapid prototyping technology to combine traditional materials with contemporary design.

Videographer & Producer // Patricia Marcoccia

Patricia is a Toronto-based multimedia storyteller and creative producer with a passion for surfacing authentic stories. Her work focuses on moving pictures and written word, often at the intersection of documentary film and social impact.

Choreographer // Newton Moraes

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Newton began dancing Samba at an early age and pursed studies in Afro-Brazilian Dance, jazz, street dancing and later in modern and contemporary dance after moving to Toronto in 1991. He has since choreographed over fifty works, both for himself and other dancers.

Lighting Designer // Lalaine Ulit-Destajo

Once described as a magical fairy, Lalaine is a digital media student at York University that is interested in how technology can be used to augment live performance. She has played several roles behind the curtain, from stage manager to light designer. While experimenting with technology is exciting, LaLaine’s favourite part of the creative process is collaborating with artists to bring magic to life.


Kimya Hypolite


Kimya is an emerging vocalist and dance performer in the GTA. Born and raised in Toronto with Vincentian heritage, she began performing at the wee age of five. Kimya is currently completing a Bachelor of Music degree at the renowned Humber College Music Program and has performed at venues such as Harbourfront Centre, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto Centre for the Arts and Roy Thompson Hall.

Lesley Waldron


Born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Lesley started her journey in dance from the tender age of five. In 1993 she joined Sankofa Drum and Dance Ensemble, where her passion for dance expanded. In the language Twi, Sankofa means "to go back and retrieve," which is exactly what Lesley did. Soon after, she travelled to Ghana to obtain a degree in West African dance and community work. Lesley currently resides in Scarborough.

Nathan Pruitt (Soldado)


Nathan is a dedicated student of capoeira, studying under the direction of Professor Marcos Paraiba at Axé Capoeira Toronto. Investing so much of his passion and energy into the Afro-Brazilian martial art, he earned the capoeira name, "soldado," meaning soldier in Portuguese. Through capoeira, Nathan developed a new sense of focus, discipline and an outlet for self-expression and identity. He currently resides in Toronto, with aspirations to teach the art of capoeira full-time.

Jafari Moore (Perere)


Born in Jamaica and residing in the GTA, Jafari is an assistant capoeira instructor with Axé Capoeira Toronto. He has been training in capoeira for over 9 years, during which he received several belts and metals. He also has training in Caribbean dance under his belt. He finds the union between movements associated with the African diaspora and capoeira to be a fluid one.

Ibo Benna (Meia Noite)


‎Born in a small city in Northern Nigeria to parents from the Hausa tribe, Ibo then moved to Saudi Arabia where he lived for most of his early life. Capoeira provides Ibo with an outlet for release. His passion for the martial art continues to grow each time he trains. Ibo currently lives in North York with his wife.

Associate Producer // Axé Capoeira

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