Mexe (pronounced /mesh/ Portuguese for move) is a contemporary dance performance inspired by the Afro-Brazilian dance and martial art, capoeira. Mexe aims to traces the roots of capoeira from Angola to colonial Brazil and finally to the international phenomenon it has become today in Toronto.


Show Description

The crippling sound of rusted chains. Haunted ships crashing through Atlantic whitecaps. The divine echo of the berimbau.

Gather around a 360 degree stage (roda) in Shaw Park to move through a live soundscape that traces Capoeira from its African roots to its oppression in colonial Brazil via the transatlantic slave trade, and finally to the transnational, multiethnic phenomenon it has become today. Bring your headphones for an immersive experience into a spontaneous soundscape mapped to the motion input of sensors (i.e. gyroscopes, accelerometers) worn by performers.


The Mexe project is a direct emanation of Maziar Ghaderi’s artistic practice, playformance. Augmentative technology (in this case, wearables) is used to enhance the narrative of the show via real-time multimedia production. The artistic vision for Mexe is to offer a "live" element to the performance through an immersive soundscape that is rendered from the spontaneous movements of the performers.

Curated for SummerWorks Festival in August 2015, Toronto.